Chester Democratic Town Committee

Our mission is to promote quality of life and sense of community for all of our residents, and to select, develop and elect qualified candidates for public office.

Providing Support for the Leadership We Need

The CDTC is able to play an important role in our community thanks to the generosity and volunteerism of engaged residents.


We gratefully accept contributions through an easy-to-use third-party gateway which accepts major credit cards. If you prefer, you may send a check made out to “CDTC” through the mail, to the address provided below in the Get In Touch section.

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You can reach us by email at, or by mail at CDTC, PO Box 91, Chester CT 06412.

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News & Events


Legal Notice Dated December 30, 2021

To the enrolled members of the Democratic Party of the Town of Chester, Connecticut, Pursuant to the rules of the Democratic Party and State election laws, you are hereby notified that a caucus will be held on:

Sunday January 9, 2022 at 2:00 P.M.  at Chester Meeting House, 4 Liberty Street, Chester, CT 06412

Indoors or outdoors – weather permitting

*** Social distancing and masks required ***

to elect members to the Chester Democratic Town Committee for the March 2022 to March 2024 term, and to conduct other business as is proper to come before said caucus.

Chester Democratic 2021 Municipal Candidates

Congratulations to all our Democratic candidates who are now our elected officials on Chester Boards & Commissions! Regretfully our First Selectwoman Lauren Gister has recently accepted a position and will be leaving Chester. Her last work day is January 5, 2021. We wish her well in all her future endeavors and thank her for all her service to our town.

Selectman: Charlene O. Janecek                                   
Town Clerk: Kathryn Hair                                                   
Tax Collector: Madaline A. Meyer                               
Board of Finance Full Members: Andrew Gardner and Michael Joplin                                                                            Board of Finance Alternate: Michael Jordan                 
Board of Education: Maria Scherber, Rebecca Greenberg-Ellis, and Jan Taigen                                     
Board of Assessment Appeals: Sarah J. Germini             
Planning & Zoning: Keith Scherber, Elaine Fitzgibbons, and Shubert Koong                                         
Zoning Board of Appeals: John DeLaura, Michael R. Peck, and Victor Fetter                                                   
Zoning Board of  Appeals Alternate: Seth Cohen   
Library Trustees: Sandy Senior-Dauer & Karin Badger 
Regional Board of Education: Lori Ann Clymas and Laurence Fearon

To view a full listing of all the elected and appointed Boards & Commissions and Committees, visit Chester’s Town website at, click on the Town Services tab, and then click on the Town Clerks page and under Elected Officials click on the “Official Listing…”.  For the current list of vacancies, click on the “Vacancies on Elected & Appointed Boards & Commissions” tab. For info on specific Boards & Commissions, go to the Town Services page and then click on the Board or Commission name of interest for a summary of their members, scheduled meetings, agenda/minutes and responsibilities.  

Our goal is to elect interested, qualified and knowledgeable candidates for Town Offices, and to keep our fellow residents informed and involved. 

Collaboration makes us stronger as a community. We thank all our volunteers, present and past, for their service to our town.

How to Vote by Absentee Ballot

Absentee ballots are sent to voters who submit an absentee ballot application.  Fill out your ballot as soon as you receive it! To learn how, watch the video below or read the instructions below.


Absentee ballot instructions:
Follow the instructions  printed on the ballot. The absentee ballot packet includes your ballot, an inner envelope (marked “B”), and the outer envelope (marked “C”).

1.) Mark the ballot by coloring and filling in the round circle with your choice of candidate using a black or blue pen. DO NOT put any other marks in the round circles on the ballot. You will be voting for four (4) candidates:

2.) Place the completed ballot inside the inner envelope (marked “B”). Make sure you SIGN the outside of the inner envelope and SEAL it.

3.) Place your signed and sealed inner envelope B inside of the return outer envelope (“C”) that is addressed to town hall and is postage paid. Only one ballot allowed per envelope and must be in the envelope marked specifically for you.

4.) Send in your ballot immediately so your vote is timely received and counted. You can avoid potential delays by mail by dropping your absentee ballot in the secure Ballot Drop Box located at the rear of Chester Town Hall.

If you choose to vote in person

You can vote on Election Day, November 2, 2021, from 6am to 8pm at Chester Town HallQuestions – contact the Town Clerk’s office at 860-526-0013, ext. 510 or the Registrar of Voter’s office at 860-526-0013, ext. 211.

Chester Democrats Fall Social – TBA

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