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About Our Committee

Our members are Chester residents, elected every two years by, and representing, the enrolled Democrats of the town.  We believe in Democratic values – inclusiveness, equality, quality health care and education for all, respect for the environment, and transparency in government. All politics are local and we believe in governing from the ground up.  Our committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month. 

Our Members

Linda Carlson
Samuel Chorches, Honorary Member
Lori Ann Clymas
Marta Daniels, Legislative Liaison
David Fitzgibbons
Karli Gilbertson Spinella
Lauren Gister, First Selectwoman
John Ivimey
Charlene Janecek, Selectwoman
Justin Kronholm
Raymond Lemley
Cynthia Lignar, Chairwoman
Cathy Lovell
Edmund Meehan, Vice Chairman
Margaret (Peg) Meehan
Kimberley Megrath, Secretary
Jim Miller, Honorary Member
Christine Palm, 36 District State Representative
Michael Rubin Peck
Michael Price
Connor Riordan, Young Dem Ambassador
Finn Riordan, Young Dem Ambassador
Isaac Ruiz
Nathan Siegel
Sandy Senior-Dauer
Jacqueline Stack
Theodore L. Taigen, Treasurer
Roseann Ventimiglia
Peter Zanardi, Honorary Member
Kurt Ziemann

Our Mission

The mission of the Chester Democratic Town Committee [CDTC) is to advance the core principles of the Democratic Party at the local, state and national levels, and promote public programs, activities and policies that support Democratic values.


  • To conduct Chester DTC business transparently, with integrity, civility, equity and fiscal responsibility, and to encourage town, state, and federal leaders to do the same.
  • To identify, recruit, and recommend knowledgeable and experienced candidates for town, state and federal elected office and appointed town positions.
  • To campaign and elect local, state, and federal candidates of the Democratic Party.
  • To actively support local, state, and federal legislation and policies of the Democratic Party.
  • To engage with the community to promote civic education and active participation in our democracy, encouraging citizens to register to vote as Democrats and to protect and excercise their right to vote.
  • To collaborate with other Democratic Town Committees, affiliated organizations, groups and volunteers, to strengthen a regional, statewide and national network of Democrats.
  • To encourage policies and activities that improve the quality of life for all residents, by supporting and advancing:
  • A multi-generational, diverse and inclusive community; 
  • Chester’s natural beauty and unique historic and rural character;
  • Fiscally responsible budgeting to ensure that expenditures reflect the needs, health and safety of all residents, support quality education and infrastructure, and averts unnecessary property tax burden;
  • Appropriate economic and small business development;
  • Environmental awareness and protection, taking a proactive role in addressing climate change at the town level through direct action and certification in Sustainable CT; and 
  • Recognition of volunteers and organizations serving our town, and actively participating in town-wide events, and programs to promote Chester and its local economy.